VIRTUAL REALITY LIGHTSABER RHYTHM! – Beat Saber Gameplay – VR HTC Vive Pro (Giveaway)

Win a copy of Beat Saber here! Welcome to Beat Saber, a virtual reality video game on the HTC Vive Pro! Beat Saber is a …


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  1. final someone that's not only playing those first 3 songs. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Also, MOOOOOORE!!! I love flailing my arms around playing along with you hoping i'm doing it right.

  2. This is one of the games I'm going to get and be like "If Ctop is so good at it, I can do that too!" And then im going to fail horribly.

  3. OMG THIS GAME IS SOO COOOOL, I get my Oculus this weekend for my birthday and this will be the first game I buy 🙂 (or maybe win hahaha,)

  4. I think the game doesn't kill your combo if you don't go in the direction it indicates, but may give you less points or no points because it appeared that multiple times you hit the block in the wrong direction, but still kept a combo.

  5. your really good at these kinds of game (compare to me).

    in case anyone didn't understand that I stink at these kinds a games but I still like them.

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