Virtual Reality Pictionary – Merrell Twins w/ Collins Key & Devan Key

We played Virtual Reality Pictionary with Collins and Devan!! How many did you guess right? Subscribe & Turn on Notifications: NEW …


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  1. I can't believe they've never heard the song " I want a hippopotamus for Christmas"!!! I was laughing so hard when they said they didn't know that was a real song.??

  2. Omg who else was screaming at their screen with the answers?!!? Can’t believe it took them so long to guess the answers!! So frustrating but entertaining haha

  3. Hi guys i'm from alexandria and i love u so much but i love nessa better ……. can u talk arabic here is some word's ….. 1.اهلا 2.بحر3.رسم4.توأم
    The first is …. 1.hello 2.sea 3.draw 4.twins

  4. I love your channel keep posting because I can't stop watching also Collins key I love your channel toooo can you. Can you guys like to 200

  5. First time kong mag comment ?
    Roni is a kinda boyish, kinda swagger and cool. I love the way she handle herself. Nessa is sweet person, she's formal and mature. More vlogs to watch?

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