The Dream Camera? Ask MKBHD V28 with Peter McKinnon!

Peter McKinnon: LED video light: MKBHD Merch: Video Gear I use: …


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  1. You just dont touch your cellphone while driving ???! wtf is that conversation about, you guys are two big YouTubers, you shouldn't say or talk about using your cellphone while driving !?

  2. First , I love both of you , I couldn't wait to see this video since you. Teased it on Instagram, second nice t-shirt (Super Chill)

  3. So, When Apple takes a feature from Android, techies call it adoption buy when Android manufacturer does it, they say copying. Can you see the double standard?

  4. You know what smartphones manufacturers should do? 3 cameras, 3 different focal lengths. 24mm, 50mm, and possibly a 135mm or 200mm equivalent lenses. That would be useful. Three different lenses, extremely useful for almost anything. And by using machine learning you can get the bokeh in any of these lenses!

  5. Wait what you need a licence per camera , thats fucking stupid . Throw that piece of shit out and look at the unifi video stuff.

  6. Old guy 73 here. There is no age when you stop being able to keep up with technology because no one ever has kept up with technology. You just try to understand what you can. And get the hell off my lawn! My drone-mowers aren't stopping.

  7. Lmao it's hilarious how Peter cuts Marques off at first with chronological and literally goes to how he opens Instagram first thing in the morning ???? MKBHD's reaction is priceless ???

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