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Invest all money here in one place! This cryptocurrency project is an investment portal for crypto!
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  1. Invested!
    Holdvest kinda looks like Bancor when they were starting out.. If they do get as large as Bancor then I'm pretty much settled for retirement lol
    Great video as usual guys, and thanks for the LTC drop: LfLYcfb9xrPMbV4HJDYF5hqCPmNZhKnBz8

  2. I really like your Deep Dive shows. HoldVest sounds like an interesting project. I am looking forward to seeing how it develops.
    LTC Wallet Address: LZUvcnCGNc4Jeho7wgrZjGDwuHTR6RDtFm

  3. not bad at all.. i will check them out and use the platform next year when its out up and running properly

  4. great ico review max always bringing the heat moon man i like this ico is plain and simple im very interested
    LiteCoin: Lb3GbwiA8a3EJE1DCmdTgpRxmvw9LdRsQD
    Ethereum: 0x8820dc688c15a220ed37b21d5cc7ae8b9ad2de63

  5. good video! and not a bad project at all…i hope they improve GUI and that chart definitely needs candle stick too

  6. We can participate in some, i just participated in Fitrova iCO. this looks like a great all in one spot for crypto investing, ill keep my eye on this one for sure.

  7. For noobs like me, I think it's something I would definitely take a crack at. ESPECIALLY since as an American citizen, I have to be a millionaire in order to participate in ANY ICO. Which sux. But this gives me the option? Kick ass! LbrcexjCGjAGR2w2UcxshxwH7Mk8TsrJag

  8. Thanks for all of the ICO updates Moon, this one looks like it will go far, so Show me the light…coin. LLVh6Yj7n5VChiVcKszKiwYQovE3c1VnMF

  9. MRKQqqyd27qfzJe8CE5GrwBWNm4BA51Hpy

    The project looks promising, I don't like how expensive their token are at ICO. I can see it being worth half that upon release and taking a month or two to see a profit.

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