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Which altcoins should you be watching right now? Top CryptoCurrency altcoins to buy! Crypto Market News!
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  1. Great Vids like always, I appreciate the great info. Ill see you on the Moon:)
    ETH: 0xb37A61d9bc4274A5E277a8D83cFeBCe2822aA524
    LTC: MFFPZFoSXB34TVuZYtWTrAygejJ7bz6G45

  2. I see a bright future for BABB, Their team are very efficient and I believe they will have their banking licensevery soon. MDX1C3eRjioiLUwk2X5J4QiB8eCJ7GRwJR

  3. Support and resistance lines…give it up..TA is a joke for crypto, it's all sentiment driven, watch the news and see what their announcements or listings are, that is the tell tell sign, not if a market cap breaks some sort magic candle tip from months ago….. anyways it obviously makes people think they got stuff figured out, but it obviously doesn't work…lol

  4. Don't stare too much at the market cap. Individual pricing of coins is key. Great video!

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