Crypto News: New York Stock Exchange To Trade Bitcoin!? $XMR $KIN $ONT $BNB $XBT $BCN

Crypto News: New York Stock Exchange To Trade Bitcoin? $XMR Monero to be added to Circle Invest App, $KIN Kik launches support for Stellar Lumens blockchain, becoming first dual-blockchain supported tokenl. $ONT Ontology announces Triones Membership System, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Declares War on Sequoia Capital, $BCN Bytecoin Pump Could Be Manipulation

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  1. Bill gates knows he cant short it because the people that control most of the bitcoin want to wreck people like soros, gates, and the rich elite who have ruined humainty! Go ahead get in an short it and wreck yourself

  2. Im glad you called yourself out on the mention of crypto daily bro. I was thinking of unsubscribing even though i love your channel and really appreciate your work. Just do you, don't worry about other people unless they are clearly trying to scam people.

  3. Good video and nice advice, but you can learn easier and better with my videos and am giving you my email to talk to me directly, that is how i learn and invest to trade and am making good profit today ameerrosic071 @gmail. com.whatsapp +1(631)568-5562

  4. I’d dress up until you’re a household name. It makes you more believable; that being said, I’m sold brother but just want your channel to move on up like the Jefferson’s. Shout out to your crew!

  5. Each exchange appears to have it's own coin price with a slight variance. Will all exchanges sync with NYSE vice versa?

  6. During the BCN ‘arbitrage opportunity’, I was gunning for 21x. In the end I did 7x. Not a bad opportunity I’d say, and I think it was genuinely a blockchain failure that actually took place early into the piece. The trading volume was incredible, I have personally never seen anything like it, I was literally sittting in the front row, my eyes pinned open with coffee and adrenaline.

    Now, whether the BCN devs were behind the initial pump is still open for debate, but many, many people benefited from the opportunity. We ignored CMC the whole time as it couldn’t keep up! In the end CMC literally ‘hid’ BCN while they updated the listing. I calculated BCN’s market cap at number 3 ABOVE Ripple for a couple of hours! It was an incredible thing to behold. Absolutely worth taking a sick day off work for lol

  7. It’s the KIN token for the KIK network not the KIK token people get them confused and the freaking millions of freaking KIN coins continue to go nowhere but down it’s the first coin I ever bought and have been holding for months

  8. yeah that's the point with KIK – a project can use as many blockchains (specifically fit for certain issues) as they need. interoperability is the case here. if blockchains aren't interoperable – this means that the project team must handle it with their own efforts (creating their own interoperable protocol or smth).

  9. cryptocurrency trading is large and ever since Brandon Gaston started trading for me i get more profits everyweek now, from $1000 i get $6500 a week through his methods. You can contact him also at whatsapp messenger, Telegram or skype at *+1 781 720 7209*. Thanks Brandon.

  10. Suit & Tie! Brother! ? Crypto Nation loves it! Makes you look extra professional and reminds me of a TV news channel ????

  11. I'm disappointed in Bill Gates ! What happened to the College dropout who became a pioneer of modern technology when developing Microsoft in his garage in 1975 ? What happened to this once visionary, who now is so disassociated from tech progress that he has turned into "THE SCROOGE" ? He should be an advocate for the advancement of blockchain technology and bitcoin. Why do you think YOU succeeded, Bill ? Grrrr

  12. Off to see your parole officer Elio ? Lol a little tight in the shoulders lol I feel like your a bro so I can bust your balls 🙂 keep up the good work brotherman

  13. Every episode of FUD TV leaves me more and more optimistic about the crypto space.

    I hope people remember that despite his enormous success over the years Warren Buffet was the guy who didn't see a profitable future for Amazon or Google. He did however lose hundreds of millions by investing in future-tech like textile mills. Maybe Warren should remember what he wrote in his 2007 letter to shareholders:

    "To date, Dexter is the worst deal that I've made. But I'll make more mistakes in the future — you can bet on that," Warren Buffet (2007)

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