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  1. this game is soo huge fun dungeons co op pvp bosses pve and a lot of quests people to meet enemy npcs building and all top notch animations and the best survival game that is really close to i can say ''finish'' soo yeah its a game for adults not faint of heart if you don't want to manage hunger thirst go play skyrim this is for the best and for the most stronger experience i ever had in a brutal word of conan!

  2. I got this game right away and its SOOOO good.. I cant stop playing.. Im gonna put 100s of hours into this game.. Im so glad i didnt hear about it till now.. Its so fun! and i only played singleplayer mode..

  3. I expect to be in the minority when all is said and done, but I'm really enjoying this game on PS4 Pro. It's certainly not without issues but I expect to play this for a good long while

  4. not my kind of game…i rather have a conan with a sick story, characters and quests on top of a nice world to explore, an action adventure the likes of zelda botw or something

  5. I bought this when it came out your review is late. I own it on pc on steam. I own the Barbarian Edition of the game.

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