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Daily Cryptocurrency News with Crypto Love. Today: Bitcoin could skyrocket more than 70% in the next week. Cryptocurrencies are fuel for a potentially new internet. Novogratz launches benchmark index of 10 cryptocurrencies. China to establish national standards for Blockchain. More people searching how to buy bitcoin and ripple than homes and cars. Ethereum more popular than Bill Gates, Bitcoin more popular than Elon Musk. DeepBrain Chain to launch AI Blockchain Research Center in Silicon Valley. Cardano aims for mainstream adoption with EMURGO Metaps Plus partnership. EOS Evolution Airdrop. Iranians buying billions in cryptocurrency. Crypto Youtuber (Crypto Crow aka Jason Appleton) Launching Bitcoin funded TV Series on CBS.

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  1. I like how you do your program. I like how informed you are and can do speculation, charting and are daring to take calculated risk. What the heck "BOOMSHAKALKAKAH" mean. I like how you say it.

  2. btc is at the C leg of the abc correction, possible target around 8600-8400$ before going bullish again and before the consensus summit!

  3. It is not in the video but I know u love NEO, but I do not understand why – it is a centralized project backed by the goverment – what value does that have? Why not buy stocks from tencent? They produce good tech as well?

  4. Nice video , well wait and see guys ADA Cardano is slow but it will pump soon , moon wil be when Testnet is ok and if market goes up as well

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