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  1. "It's sort of a god game, except you control the land instead of the people"
    that's literally what god games have been from the beginning that was the entire point of Populous

  2. in short, you're a god and you try to make the humans there survive so they can become earth/water/fire/air benders like in the Avatar animation

  3. i can write a real review right here right now.

    + The Engine is the best part of the game and it was wasted on linear puzzle game.
    -/+ Gameplay. it's short and dull. (4-6 hours max of gameplay or 2 hours if you're a genius first try speedrunner)
    – small world.
    – Feels like a sandbox forced to be linear puzzle game.
    +/- Price is fair, but indie game could offer much more back then and today
    – Uplay we all hate third party software even if you use steam you still got to have another layer of pain.
    -/+ PC port, the controls are weird but can get used to, your camera moves at the same time as your cursor
    + abilities some are good to mess with some are meh i guess, overall ok
    -/+ AI is sometimes dumb

    the puzzles are not that difficult sure there will be some triel and error. Engine is wasted on the gameplay, you can unlock sandbox at the end but it also feels dull and ugly, extremely small with, the water looks dark and ugly.
    6.5 not less not more.

    If they want to crate a sequel (that will not happen due to shitty sales). You can release the tech demo as an official sandbox game by itself nothing else, we just wanted to play with fire, earth, water.
    If there will be From Dust 2. make the world bigger with day and night cycle with random nature events. I hope i will be a game dev and make a successor to the game and recreate the engine into a better game

  4. man, i thought it was going to be a nice game to chill with but it sounds like this game is pretty chaotic. is there ever "beating" the game? like do you get to a point where everyone has developed into smart tribes and no longer need their god? lol woah i didnt expect to go all deep just now… now im reflecting on what i just said

  5. Only thing that angers me about this game is how stupid the AI can be sometimes. I build the villagers a bridge for them to go from point a to point b and they decide to take the long route around that is covered with lava and surrounded by the sea. Or I blow up an entrance into a mountain and they stand in front of it screaming like there was no way through…. Otherwise I say it is a pretty nice experience, challenging but kind of relaxing at the same time

  6. Is it possible to download and play this game to the ps4?

    I get really confused when I all of a sudden get excited about a game on the PS-Store, and realise it´s for ps3? Why do they even show on my ps4-store 🙁

  7. This woman's delay in between sentences and the lack of background noise sounds like she's translating some foreign language for a show.

  8. my review is simple as this was made by ubisoft, which is already a bad sign since i can't fucking play the game without having to log in a secodn time from steam and then have the fucking program crash after i have logged in, managed to get online and then tried to be able to start the game at which it then says the fucking uplay has stopped working. Also i have to put in the fucking security password every time i try to start it. Why didn't they just release it on steam and nothing else so you could just play the game? indie game developers does this better than these morons!

  9. anyone interested in this with an gold xbox live acount, you can get the game for 75% off with the games for gold. wootwoot stay up homies! and may the games be ever in yo fava. t(-_-),

  10. WHY HAVE THE PUT "difficulty spikes" AS NEGATIVE?? As long as it is playable, which it is, then difficulty is good. Ign just can't play games

  11. ow okay, i didn't take here name in consideration its a pretty dead give away XD. but irish people have their own passport as well as british people.

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