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IGN gives its video review of the new DLC game Bastion. Does the beautiful looking RPG Bastion start Summer of Arcade with a bang or a bust? IGN’s YouTube …


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  1. I love the poster for this game,it's like an innocent little kid being thrown into chaos.I only wish they would have used a kid's voice actor.I hope there will be a sequel one day or turn it into a Netflix series plz.

  2. i finished the whole game in one sitting, was very proud. i didn't really go through the dream scenes but i did finish one without any idols revoked lmao. still a pretty good game and has some sort of replay value to it (mostly for achievements)

  3. 3.75 CDN on PSN now,
    Is it just me, or does the narrator sound like Drebin from MGS4?
    I looked up the voice actors and they're not the same person

  4. Bastion does deserves no less than 9. But weak story? Did you play the game? It may be not as elaborate as some other games but weak? weak? weak? I loved the narrative style(some one else narrating our story). How can you call that weak? Weak is so far from what it is.

  5. the story for this game is beautiful! wtf are you on???? when I first got this game I couldn't put it down due to all the different modes and things to collect. I haven't played it in about three years since and fogot some bits but on replaying it you can't help but be totally drawn into the story. it's not spoon fed to you and you don't have to go looking for it either. it's teaching you the lore and take of the game as you play it and you come out of it just knowing the world you're surrounded by and the history of it more so than you might know earth's.

  6. Weak story? Are you kidding me? Maybe if you guys stop getting a hard on for a grown mans voice and actually follow the story. Maybe you can see that the story is touching and amazing.

  7. Weak story? How? The characters and world are amazing, just because they didn't serve every little plot point on a silver platter doesn't make it bad – quite the opposite in fact

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