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  1. No no long loading screens, cut scenes. Needlessly boring story line, puzzles or walking sections. Pure action.
    we need a game like this on PS4. This is a proper video game and not a hybrid or a war drama movie and an mobile RPG game with some shooty shooty in it like COD, MGS 5 or others.

  2. I enjoyed the game as a younger child and had some good moments with friends. But the game had little to no story, terrible aiming, and honestly, it's just a bad game.

  3. Ok, what is the consensus on this game? Both IGN, Xbox magazine and several others seem to think it mediocre, but I've seen a lot of normal people saying that its pretty enjoyable if you don't stop and pop so much. I absolutely love Black and I just want to know how similar it is.

  4. A way to make this game better would be for the "intel" to be XP which levels you up, then each time you ding, you get a new upgrade form a tree, with upgrades similar to those already in the game. then to use them you just have to get kills to replenish the timer. so some upgrades may take 5 kills others may take 10. it gives you more of an incentive to kill and go through the game that way

  5. The only reason I got this game was because it was made by the same developers as Black. I liked Black (but didn't care the number of shots it took to kill an enemy), but this game was something of a disappointment because there didn't seem to be a storyline to it.

  6. I feel people don't like this game because of the fact you can't aim down sights of go prone. In my opinion they make it better. Maybe I just played to much "Black."

  7. Is this game supposed to be a updated version of the PS2 game Black… It looks like it plays very similar and has much of the same characteristics…

  8. I've played this game. I have it right now. Cant get passed one of the final fights. this game is the worse game I've played in my entire life. worse than naughty bear. its a god damn piece of garbage. its a shit game. many levels at the end. they through you in a box room with no hiding places. they through so many waves of enemies at you. from 4 directions. its almost impossible. you can't even aim. its easier to keep the pointer in the middle of the screen. and just move left and right to get it on target. am surprised it got a 6.0 . this game deserves a solid 1/10. its a piece of shit.

  9. They should have made a sequel to "Black" instead of this spiritual successor. "Black" on the PS2 basically pushed the damn thing to the limits and had many places that where pretty unique and very well made that game was one of the only games I've ever played and wanted to play it another 20 times (which I did) and stylistically that game was amazing. I'm just hoping they go back to it and make a new one. ^-^ like and comment if you agree.

  10. It's an okay game. I noticed when games go for a arcade shooter premise they tend to just forget the story. Serious so am 3 didn't have much of a story. This game isn't stellar but it's fun when you need time to kill

  11. Easily the Lamest and boring game I've ever played… And Wtf 6 rating.. I'm starting to believe is getting payed to rate

  12. still in the zoom I like the blur and the way the weapon put, imagine if the gun is like that in the norm with less zoom and with more blurred ironsight *^*

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