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  1. "My old man stepped on a bit o' Lego when I was six and it was one of the best days in my life. So I reckon I gonna love this!" ^^

  2. Pretty much never comment on YouTube videos – bit of constructive feedback though..

    I'm sure your analytics will tell you that a large portion of your audience are 15-30yr old's or similar (pure conjecture) and whilst I found some of the writing in this video amusing, why all the swearing? Bearing in mind the subject material and the website this is posted on?

    For instance, I have two young sons – one of our favorite pastimes is to play Switch together, and guess what – Lego games are some of their favorites. Fortunately enough I watched this first, but as we (like many people do these days) have YouTube on the TV at home I may well have clicked on this in their presence..

    There is nothing wrong with swearing, admittedly I swear all the time – but not around my kids.

    Perhaps a little more caution when taking into account the source material in future?

    I'm not offended, I just think this was perhaps a little narrow-minded, unless of course IGN don't care about their audience (of which they probably have many young parents too).

    Keep up the good work all the same!

  3. This looks like it would be good. What happens in the Incredible is what I expect to happen to superheroes. Basically everyone turns on them.

  4. "Welcome to the unofficial IGN preview! This is where we think it's the year 1950 so swearing every three sentences is outrageous! I also make jokes that go off on tangents and have ultimately nothing to do with anything but are funny because random! Haha! So random. Oh you know that joke we've been using in literally all of these videos? The one where a professor says 3 words and then vanishes? Well we do that in this video too!"


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