Get Paid to Invest in Crypto! ZAN COIN ICO Cryptocurrency Review

Get Paid to Invest in Crypto! ZAN COIN ICO Cryptocurrency Review
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  1. Zan sounds like an excellent project. A company that is sharing their earnings with the investors. Not the old model of success. WTG Zan Coin.
    LTC: LNhMgaEMguM15fvEhpff5wKqDyuBJU4qSh

  2. Thanks Max. I'll look into this. I didn't hear if this was open to residents of the USA. Sounds solid. LQZsfTNNNWba4xSptNtc7dTkrmn5y656gG

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  4. Hey guys thanks for the vid. Interesting project. The gig economy is only going to go in one direction and this project gives another level of leverage. I will definitely look further into it prior to the ICO. Cheers J
    LTC: LVbPrtfV19V9B7ThqQqTCwVeQAzdKZ72wu

  5. Pretty interesting. They willing to put up 50% of there profits that’s really weird.


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