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  1. Crypto markets most closely resemble OTC stock markets right now. Technical analysis works in this space because traditional trader's are here. TA only works well if it is respected by those in the market. It will loosely conform otherwise mostly due to the consistency of human psyche. I do believe you are wrong about "new money" coming into the market. This is a game I have seen before. New money comes in a targeted fashion designed to shake the weak out laying the ground work for manipulation. This allows it to appear as nothing has changed. Make no mistake, crypto has come onto the radar but not in a positive way as of yet. There is so little money here it will be easy for them to manipulate. Your strategy is working well because you are riding the coattails, getting off just before it goes to the cleaners… great work!

  2. Yo kirbs you sound like a Jersey boy. Anyway subscribed for a while and the content is top shelf. Btc weekly has a ten week decline in volume. Ten weeks below the 20day volume MA. Hasn't happened in about 18 months. Check it out lmk what you think. If you mentioned it I missed it

  3. Yes I look at RSI divergences too, AND the previous double top rsi was lower than this one, and the price was higher, so the 2 double tops create a double top with divergence together… we are going to sub 5000. Remember this message. after next little run take profit go fiat and wait some months.

  4. EOS is 11 days away from its mainnet launch, when it will leave the Ethereum network and fire up its own blockchain. Eos Has a lot of ethereum do you think they Will dump all of iT and the price of ether Will collapse?

  5. Geez peeps. Do the math. XRP, TRX. So overbought and everyone weighing down the bandwagon. There are so many amazing projects that arent overpopulated like disneyland. Do some research and get out of your lane a bit. LOL!

  6. Had to do a test send on an exchange so bought a coin that just released today and has great metrics. Very businesslike. No frills. Ill let you know how it goes from the NTZ!

  7. Good stuff Kirby. I feel the same way and have done for months. I just don't feel it's been ready to take off yet. It's just a gut feeling. There's no mass hype and hysteria around and a fair bit more manipulation these days.
    Something you said made me laugh, because I've also seen on social media that the ones that seem to shout the loudest, i.e "Moon moon moon" or "FUD" and "Shill" are exactly the ones that only have $75 invested and expect to be retiring next week off of it. I saw a guy on Bitcointalk a few weeks back who was absolutely distraught that his $45 investment was down 25%. But hey, who knows ….. maybe he lives somewhere where that's a shit load of money. I dunno. Either way, he was making a lot of noise about it and demanding the devs do more and the company must do more marketing to "Send it to the moon as soon as possible".
    I hate to say it, but the typical online mentality of many crypto investors out there is extremely immature.

    Keep up the great work Kirby. People hate the truth, but they need to hear it.

  8. U are a good able investor I hope I can be in ur level someday two thumbs up with aloha from Hawaii, be healthy be safe…….

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