WILL APPLE TAKE RIPPLE TO THE MOON? – CryptoCurrency Market News

Will Apple adopt Ripple (XRP) and bring it to the moon? Crypto Currency market news
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  1. Max, do a trade using Arthur Arbitrage bc the vid doesnt take into acct fees associated with transferring from one exchange to the other. There has to be a bottom line percentage to trade or will lose $$.

  2. ur way better then zach… frfr im sooo glad u look better than him. but even focus least on ur face.. better start looking for a other job.. cuz u bout to hurt his ego

  3. Nice work Max even with Hayfever 😉 I'm an Aussie who is Holding Lots of Crypto and Your "Turnbull" line was hilarious 🙂

  4. No , Apple won't take "Ripple to the Moon".

    Wish all the wannabe experts would just fade away already (I did I even get here). This was awful.

  5. You both should be on the screen at the same time, and discuss the market. That's would give much more information for everyone.


  6. CCN keep going guys! What do you think about STQ? (storiqa)It looks amazing!

    Anyway, this project looks good!

    LTC: MEZKLckfz1B2i4R1XcPeK1kN36jHbUXGJS

  7. So calm and steady in you videos, hope for a turne soon with slow, healthy and steady groth 🙂
    LTC: MUD9tPqogijAtQCfHkbmEXoCTULg6D6EQp

  8. Sup Big Max, Dude if it all goes down with ripple and Apple man that will be huge my friend! Great Video My Friend! LKpJ2KnGU7DrQvB9DrLRYX4Wwj8ecvkFqy

  9. LTC address: MDLK6FW7FDhsaXA5MTmqYzwPhVcjYmvnHW Good job while Zach is gone …hoping Ripple will take off. I'm afraid to invest Lol…so much uncertainty. Many don't have money to lose and play around with like others in the crypto world!

  10. Im always waiting for his mom to come in while he's making a video like "Maxwell, no YouTube until you finish your homework young man!" 'but mommmmm we're gonna moooon' "Maxwell keep it up and you're going to be grounded" 'fineeeee' lol come back Zack this kid's young enough to be your son

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