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This isn’t a Castlevania game, though it certainly seems like one. And that’s a good thing. Allow Colin Moriarrty to take you through BloodRayne Betrayal IGN …


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  1. I liked the game but this is a very poorly evaluated review . If there is one thing this game does not have it is replayability . HIghscores and health increasing items is not replayability content for most of us. There is literally not a damn thing to do or unlock post game. With same reused spiderboss I really doubt many people want to replay the game that does not add much in terms of new abilities .

    The only Negative thing he came up with is "Unbalanced" which is opinion and not objective fact about the game . Could have talked more about those backflip controls that work 70% of the time before he gave it 9/10

  2. This game is great and cheap (got it for 1$ on sale), I don't see why some people are complaining. It's an action/platformer : you jump, you fight.

  3. "looks like it was made in flash"

    ya sure. cause that automatically makes it bad. nevermind that this game is rly cool. amd fun

  4. This new Strider games has somewhat similar gameplay mechanics, yet look at how it looks. This game looks 8-bit compared to Strider.

  5. This review ended with "Minor issues aside, I really loved Bloodrayne Betrayal. It's too bad that it carries the negative stigma Bloodrayne seems to have, and that some people won't play it for that reason"

    … What? What reason? What negative stigma? Is that seriously the final note of this review? Wtf kind of fluff bs is that

  6. This guy is an excellent reviewer. Rates games fairly and knows what are good and bad qualities in games like the main game trailers reviewer.

  7. This game is amazing! Good job IGN for giving a well done review. I really love this title. It feels crisp, the controls feel fairly tight, the in game animation is stunnning and its a rewarding experience. 
    I would say its not THAT hard, maybe if you haven't played 2d for awhile but save states are fair. I like the music but it can be forgettable, also try the in game 8bit version. 

  8. So as far as I can tell this game is about a redhead with anger issues who travels in a spaceship coffin. It's like Newgrounds in 2003 all over again. 

  9. "Beautiful" "Great animation"
    > Looks like animated in flash
    Yeaaaah. Guess I'll go back to reviews by unprofessional youtubers.

  10.  Its like he is reviewing some other game not the one on the screen, Blood was a much much better game than this…thing

  11. Ye but whatever game you get for free from playstation plus, isn't free once you're year membership is up etc. At least on xbox you actually get to keep the game weather you're membership expires or not.

  12. I just played the demo and it's quite fun. Has a similar art style to Symphony of the Night but plays like an NES Castlevania title with more combat. 😀

  13. Pfft now way. This is the best Bloodrayne game. I think it really found its place becoming something like this instead of a mediocre hack n slash.

  14. For me Betrayle i didn't like it if they ever make a thidr game yeah i'm not counting this one i want it like the other 2 games third person Bloody and Gorey a Hard M for mature game. and please bring back Laura Bailey

  15. I would rather see a new official BloodRayne since in my opinion those games were good. Just like the Legacy Kain games.

    I do miss the legends of the last gen consoles.

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