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  1. Well, i would have prefered if the Protagonist would have been a Vietkong and you Had to capture back the Villages from american and australian soldiers. Since the USA was evil and got buttwrecked in this war it would make more sence to play as Vietkong (and more fun tbh) in my opinion

  2. I understand that it's DLC, but only an hour or so seems a bit thin. I mean, even a feature film is longer than that lol. When have movies ever beat games when it comes to time?

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  4. As a Vietnamese, should i play this game? I kinda feel bad to kill my own people, but if they are the bad guys i would have no problem with it

  5. Shicklegruber man you who tf rates these videos do they have a system when it's a random number machine for when it's a good game?

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