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  1. IGN: Have you said anything negative about Hereditary yet?
    Reviewer: No
    IGN: Say the movie answers the questions it gives you throughout the movie and twist that into a misstep.
    Reviewer: I got you.

  2. This film does examine the interesting real life situation taking place within our own society of the stress of single parent families with only a mother present. Further, it seems to look at the challenge young men are facing with finding their maleness in a society which increasingly tells them that men need to be more docile, more gentle, more like women and their Mothers. Sounds like a movie which will effectively explore some deep traumas affecting millions of families in America right now.

  3. I'm not complaining about the score, but if anyone at IGN is reading this, can you tell me how your scores are calculated? Or if anyone else knows? Just curious. Thanks!

  4. Please dont lie to me please please ive been waiting for a scary movie that makes me not wanna look at the screen FOREVER! And this sounds like it can pull it off

  5. It’s awesome to see the young director, Asi Aster, getting such high praise on his first feature film. I hope he has plans for more horror films. Anyway, I can’t wait to check this out!

  6. No one going to comment on how the little girl, looks hideous. Sorry guys but It looks like she's been hit by a spade one to many times

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