The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Review

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset reviewed by Joseph Bradford on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Watch more IGN Game Reviews here!


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  1. I wish this game followed a traditional end-game PvE progression path. It doesnt feel as rewarding to complete dungeons/vet dungeons or even Trials encounters when youre probably already in amazing gear just from solo play and Guild Trader hopping

  2. Can we please get optional pc voice chat with a bounty hunter open world legerdemain pvp system also if you could hunt vampire and werewolf players. Talking to another player with in game voice chat and having real reasons to interact gives a whole new mmorpg open world feeling.Everything should have an option to be toggled off but would bring an interesting dynamic. Also PLEASE finish the justice system. It’s good so far but needs expanded on badly in many parts. The guards are glitchy and immersion breaking especially when you are stuck in a house and can’t use the door or fight them back. If you guys could do all of these things the game would catch a lot of people’s attention.

  3. I'd love to continue playing this, and even kept on buying the expansions, but Final fantasy 14 just keeps pulling me back into its world. ESO is a great game, though.

  4. I've spent a great amount of time playing ESO but I always felt the buffs are too short resulting in endless weapon swapping to buff and then back to attack then back again to buff etc gets old fast.

  5. Alright my luvvers? Ark at ee, all 'avin a go at this gert lush game. Now, FFXIV and WoW are proper mint, mind, but this game be set in Sommerset, innit!? Now why don't ee have a scrumpy and settle down like.

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