Crypto Moon Shot! – CryptoCurrency Market News – Crypto Looking Strong!

The cryptocurrency market is on the rise. Let’s go over some crypto news!
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  1. Interesting video! Have a look at my channel for the most recent updates and news of how to learn to trade Cryptocurrency and build a savings account!

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  3. IT's good to see the cryptocurrency is on the rise soon and many people will be more exciting to see there are lots of potential investment opportunities with crypto games these days, especially the coming one like cryptocelebrities.

  4. CCN for president! And all the fans for senate and house of representatives. Brad garlinghouse for speaker of the "house", and Coinbase engineers for sewer repair. Lol you're awesome 12f8te9aSRsjk7JDbFE3fDMTLQB4MbS1t2

  5. Bitcoin : 17BC7LL9B7z5ETK6HjLvPnJLJ3WcnAzG4o
    Eth : 0x8278bdab311c04b211c07605ffbe85f01180d67f

    Posting both because once you said Etherium, then Bitcoin.
    Yes, I watch all CCN's vids interly :p

  6. Wierd enough when VIBE was listed on Binance the price shot to almost 9 dollars and dropped all the way to 1 dollar in a span of 5 minutes which made me lose a lot of money and this was not noted on coinmarketcap so there is a lot of price manipulation that happens on Binance that doesn't get noticed

  7. I like your pick on Nav Coin Zach. I'm staking those and hoping for those 3x gains as the year continues. Great video once again!


  8. I think Neo will go down a little and then take the flight . Hope to see the green candles again. BTC : 1AVGhKryPSa9htR5xJVc7cuvFRzsz7ZeXW

  9. We hope your girlfriend gets better and that you don't get sick so we could still hear your mind on the current crypto news. Wishing you well. 1H3Jxna387K8F5zqYa4RAVZQ15SeABkQdd

  10. Great job as always hope you and girl get better soon to the moon !!!! 113QzjdSSrUfPZDS9CWMzjtgKJD6k6EzWQ

  11. Always keep up with the news even if the news doesn't have to do with the US. Any news whether it is from China, South Korea, Japan, or the US plays a role in most if not all cryptocurrencies. I really like what you are trying to do here with this channel Zack. The only thing I would like for you to add is some technical analysis into the channel. If that isn't something that isn't your strength it would be greatly appreciated if you could recommend some people's names whether they are on youtube or even twitter.


  12. I think there is still time to double dip and take stronger positions. By the end February I think we will start to see the market come around. Now we Need Binance to get their platform open back up so we can make some trades and gains.


  13. I enjoy listening to your broadcast and it gives me great insight into the cryptocurrency market. Thanks

  14. I really enjoy your videos, you’re doing a great job keep it up. Do you think btc will be dethroned in next 10-15 years by another crypto like eth or neo because they have better tech? Thank you


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