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I found a coin that I believe is a sleeping giant in the altcoin crypto space. This coin could 100x in 2018! MOON SHOT INCOMING!

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  1. The most undervalued coin I came up by is Ori (Origami Network). Low supply , working product already, great concept , yet to come on exchanges(right now only on IDEX, DDEX and frokdelta. Already up than ico price, and listed on CMC, all in 1 month's time frame. #DYOR

  2. It will take time sir ..and alot of time…
    But there is other coins like printerium which gonna reach 100 dollars easily in near future due to it market supply and 3d oriented tech.

  3. This coin is at 0.31 as of Fev.26 2018. 85% drop in value from the time this video was made… a sleeping giant indeed! It goes to show how all these projects with no prototype nor working products are doing things in reverse. It used to be that you needed at least a MVP to raise money, now all you need is a white paper, a properly designed website, a few speculators hyping the project on social media and youtube, and off it goes…

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