Vivo NEX S Impressions: Truly Bezelless?

Is the true all-screen smartphone finally here? Almost… Testing the In-Glas Fingerprint reader: The State of Bezels and Notches: …


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  1. For people like myself, who rarely use the front camera, this design choice is very good. I would straight up buy a phone which doesn't have a selfie camera given the other things are good enough. The only time I ever need a front camera is when I'm with friends, and all of them have selfie cameras,so I never use mine.

  2. Better than any notch.
    All these notch phones are incredible ugly and the space is lost too on the screen.
    Other phone makers are adapting this failure as a design feature how can people buy this crap.
    Steve Jobs is turning in his grave.
    Kicking all Apple magic with dirty feets.
    Vivo isn‘t give a shit about this and solves this mistake.

  3. If you have contacts at Vivo, Tell them this
    1. This should really be the breakout phone for the U.S market (Market that No-Notch and In-display fingerprint Sensor)
    2. Make it Android One to lower costs on software, and to cross-market the NEX and Android One (Maybe have Google pay you a bit)
    3. Make it work with as many carriers as possible in the U.S.

  4. I honestly almost never use the front facing camera, so this would be amazing. Throw on some stock android, and I'm guessing you have a close to perfect (for my tastes) phone.

  5. It's painful how close it is. So, so close. The moving selfie cam is the way to go until it can be hidden under the display, but that bottom, despite being smaller than just about anything else, just throws off the whole effect

  6. Seems weird without a notch now…come to think of it, we've been so used to seeing phones with a visible and functional bezel for gripping that it's a little weird to hold a full display…it's like holding water without a cup…it's like trying to cross uncanny valley…maybe it's just me.

  7. In my opinion, more than 50% normal users use the front-facing camera less than once a month. But it is just my opinion, it will be nice to see some statistics.

  8. That phone was designed for Samsung user's who hate notches. The UI skin is basically chinese and Vivo can never make an American version that's a law suit knocking at their door. They shamelessly copy designs from high end Device's and sell it locally they can't branch to US.

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