The Best VR Games Of E3 2018 (PCVR & PSVR)

Here are the best VR games announced at E3 2018. This is a mix of PC VR and PSVR titles from E3 2018. It seems Playstation VR really dominated E3 2018 …


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  1. Love the videos though recently someone brought it to my attention about you always throwing both your hands towards the camera with every other few words you say and now that's all I can see pmsl

  2. Mike dont expect any vr from microsoft on consoles for very long time.. they have abandon the kinect division think was last year and that only show they moving further away from vr on console.. on the pc microsoft only created the concept platform for other manufactures to use.

  3. Hey bud! Great video! Will you be making a video for Oculus Go titles as well? Not much info on that aside from your own video last month. Has anything else interesting been announced since?

  4. So what's the best thing to come out of E3 VR 2018…………….. you Mike []-). Thankyou for this synopsis of the latest in VR gaming, that we can all look forward to in the future.  ; )))

  5. There are some nice looking PCVR exclusives here, but I'm still pretty satisfied with that PSVR lineup. Some great titles coming in the next few months.

  6. I still cannot motivate buying a PS4 for the PSVR exclusives, especially when some of them, like Moss, actually makes it over to PC. For some stupid reason that Tetris Effect trailer has my hairs stand on end though, probably more due to the music, I really want to know more about it ? Otherwise, plenty if titles that look interesting, it's quite tiring to keep track of what works for which system though so I'm just like… whatever, I'll find the games again when they come out, pshaw! ?

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