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German Financial Authority Taking Innovation-Minded Approach to Crypto Regulation

German Financial Authority Taking Innovation-Minded Approach to Crypto Regulation

Bitcoin, Blockchain: was ist Hype und was bleibt?

German Finance Authority: Crypto Regulation to Focus on Market Stability, Not Individuals

German Regulator Pledges ‘Precise’ Oversight of ICOs

Passports on the Blockchain

Passports on the Blockchain

Blockchain and Borders – The Passport of the Future

Infosys leadership facing tough questions

World’s first all-you-can-fly subscription airline lands in the UK

Blockchain and the transformation of the travel industry

The REAL reason behind the recent market ‘crash’

The REAL reason behind the recent market ‘crash’

SEC Chair Clarifies Agency’s Position on Securities, ICOs

SEC Chair Clarifies Agency’s Position on Securities, ICOs

Billions in cryptocurrency wealth wiped out after hack

Bank Robbery News

Will Coinbase’s Index Fund Attract New Institutional Money?

Will Coinbase’s Index Fund Attract New Institutional Money?

Coinbase Index Fund is Open For Investment

Coinbase on Twitter

Circle Invest Makes Trading Easy

Circle Invest Makes Trading Easy

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  1. Bitcoin is a speculative financial instrument.

    It was in a tight range for a week or two.

    Once it showed movement to the downside margin traders started selling!! stops getting triggered caused a shorts squeeze making BTC move further to the downside.

    I don't care which way it moves, as I long/short when I think the market is moving in that direction

  2. As a firm believer and investor in blockchain technology i am very optimistic about the future of this technology and that we are in a very young market with the potential to significantly eclipse anything seen in the history .. my worry however and instincts believe that somehow governments will seek to manipulate the tech to such an extent.. especially in surveillance and security field .. that the tech will be mutated insuch a way that renders the future bleak and terrifying .. hopefully this is only my pessimistic and cynical outlook that fuels this theory .. but the combination of security, facial and kyc, genetics on the blockchain and advancements in A.I. capabilities leave a knot in my stomach's crystal ball ..

  3. Great information! All just a waiting game for all the great projects to come back! For right now to cure my bordeom, I'm looking at some ICO's and projects like Fr8network, Gluon, Muirfield IP, and Crowd Machine

  4. Could you do a video on what it means to US investors who have bought coins/tokens that might be labeled securities? I keep hearing this news but what's the impact is there to US investors? How about US exchanges?

  5. come on…. this is not a new idea.. a passport – identity in blockchain. I am all up for it! I think there are various coins going for digital identity, only thing is…. governments need to adopt this. I would think China is going to do this, also the Netherlands is looking into this… I know IOTA has coupled some of the identifications like hand veins or hand/finger prints, or iris scan. Just imagine that this is your unique identity you can access and use to get access to all of your data 🙂 password only then MUCH MUCH better!

  6. Loooooong game boys n girls. The crazy thing is, its going to keep happening over and over and over again. So either, get on some blood pressure meds, stop smashing F5 on coinmarketcap every 5 min, or realize that this shit is crazy volitile and its going to keep going up and down like a piston on a '71 chevelle!!!

  7. For traders whose total amount of trading in a year is less than 1 million dollars the SEC needs to leave alone. Average joes are locked out of normal stock market because of “qualified investors” bullcrap so crypto is the only way the common man can invest. They’ve rigged the system otherwise so the irs needs to eff off.

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  9. You lost some respect for baiting with your title. That was old news. Market has gone down much more and you tried to use the hack as a way to get views. Come on man. Regulars will listen regardless.

  10. on my way on gettn that 2003 toyota corolla in dark green metallic color with Beige vinyl interior thats sittn at my local used car dealers' Bargain Barn Corner!!!

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