These $3799 Headphones Broke My Brain…

The Final Audio D8000 are the most expensive headphones I’ve ever unboxed on Unbox Therapy. They are incredible… WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… The…


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  1. With that money I can buy a top end gaming pc with a very good quality headphones, it's difinetly a waste of money unless you are a billionaire and money doesn't matter at all for you.

  2. Hello.

    Change amplifier to Polish Divaldi AMP-01. And hookup it to British Chord Qutest. Another world. I love my my Audeze LCD-3 (2017), but Final Audio Design (this is full name of this company) nailed it.

  3. These headphones tuned Lew to a higher frequency, it made him more conscious of how beautiful life is and grateful for being alive. Thank you Lew, thank you headphones. A truly wonderful and inspiring moment in humanity, we should all be paying attention, be present as Eckhart Tolle would say.

  4. You are a true artisan with words! Through them , I got a small glimpse of what it must've been like. I'll start paying more attention, for sure 🙂

  5. Tbh with headphones once you past a point I can't tell the difference in sound I have 300$ Sony's and I can't tell the differences even between some much cheaper headphones.

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