New Crypto Platform – Next CryptoCurrency Platform – OZEX ICO Review

A new crypto platform is born! This cryptocurrency platform claims big things! OZEX ICO review!
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  1. I need some more money. I got a lot of ethereum classic once the news broke. Give me some litcoin so I can use it on this platform


  2. What makes us sure they are not like other ICO review sites I have seen some lately that gave certain projects 5* rating and the project disappeared.

  3. The idea is interesting, not sure how effective it can be and how long it will be able to have the ability to tell what ICO is good. Nothing is guaranteed but make it less risky. But great video!


  4. I think that ICO's have a skitish future here in the USA because the SEC has said that all ICO's are a Security… So unless ICO's go through all the hoops that are required for any Security they will be fined hefty.

    LTC: 0x1dff18def2e6031df34234866ac2d771efc77be1

  5. Can u recommend a good place to see info and buy some off these ico’s. Almost like an exchange if there is one..


  6. Awesome my friend, Hope all is well Zac and Max. Ozex sounds good and definitely needed. There’s a market for it no doubt. #WDMR THANK YOU!

  7. I think it’s to risky to invest in any ico with how the market is bleeding out.

  8. Not a fan of this project, but I may look into more if I want to expand my diversity.

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