Laos Opens its First Certified Crypto Exchange

Laos Opens its First Certified Crypto Exchange

An important development for Laos took place only days ago when it welcomed the first ever exchange with a certification to deal with cryptos. The exchange will provide transactions for seven currencies, both fiat and cryptos.

Laos welcomes Vientiane Exchange Money

Laos’ new exchange, Vientiane Exchange Money, is the first international exchange that allows for crypto transactions. This is a significant step for cryptos all around the world and the adoption of this technology. The exchange’s goal is to change the way that people think about and handle their money, as well as to provide new opportunities.

The exchange will roll out a completely new and unique line of ATMs, with various functionalities for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The ATMs will be operational starting July 1st of this year and will process the same seven currencies that the exchange is currently listing. Those include Bitcoin (BTC), the US dollar (USD), Universal Currency (Unit), Thai Baht (THB), Russian Ruble (RUB), Lao Kip (LAK), and the Singapore dollar (SGD).

Previous attempts to join the crypto world

Hopefully, Vientiane will have more luck in its business operations than its predecessor, Lau Security Exchange. This exchange was launched in 2010, created by the Lao government. It was financially and technically backed by Thailand and South Korea, but it obviously came too early in order to be appreciated and trusted by local companies.


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