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“The Internet is slow, superficial, chaotic, nerdy, hostile, and largely a waste of time. You just gotta try it.” — an observer of the internet, 1995. from Bitcoin

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  1. hey james thanks and appreciate the daily news, I'm surprised you can make news daily @ 30+ minute , thanks for providing the info daily!
    XRP to $1,000 don't we need 2000x the current marketcap ? lol I would like to see that happening but first we'll need a move to $1.00

  2. James … Thank you so much for the ta course. I'm working my way through and it's sinking in fast. So good that you've gone through all the basics and love the disapline section which hit home that you have to find a balance. I highly recommend this course !!!

  3. Great videos as always James! Do you think it is foolish to put more money into my position in BNB at this time ? I’m a long term holder, user of Binance and love the fundamentals. The only thing that worries me is that I would be cost averaging in at nearly the all time high. Any thoughts ?

  4. Do you think Nano and ICX are extremely oversold at the moment and will explode in the next bull run? also your thoughts on 0x regarding short and long-term gains. Thanks James and keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks James. One thing about polymath is why aren't they working with the SEC if they want to be in securities space? That's one concern I have about this token.

  6. I hope holders will hold for the market to go green again. Cryptocurrency is the future. Given the current state of enforced exchange regulations and transaction tracing, what's your take on privacy cryptos? Dash reached $1500 ATH which means that the privacy market is a serious market. I am interested in privacy cryptos that integrate Tor into the wallet for identity protection like DeepOnion. The price is dipping because many are selling the free coins they got from the public airdrop.

  7. Thanks James – always look forward to your videos! Interested to hear your thoughts on NKN fundamentals (it's not on tradingview yet, and is primarily trading on Much obliged!

  8. Awesome stuff as always James. In regards to your TA course is it geared for absolute beginners (like myself)? Also, do you have any recommendation for Books just to get the hang of TA? Last question what is your take on Monero (XMR) for some reason i'm very bullish on it Long term because it's by far the only really private Coin in the Market.

  9. Thanks for the check on Babb and PundiX mate.
    Babb had a lot of Fud… The fud had a lot to do with the CEO. But has been wiped off the table by the CEO himself.

    Right now they are in the middle of ther equity sale to fund the banking license.
    We reached 28% of 1.5 Mil for the license in the UK. Have a great day!

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