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  1. "Large changes like swapping your soul blast for a shot gun burst of maggots" Might be the greatest sentence of all time

  2. Finally, this masterpiece is getting some well deserved recognition from a "major" gaming publication. I sunk 45 amazing hours into this classic on PC and could not beleive that I bought it for $10. Truly astonishing quality.

  3. This is one of those gem indie games that is better than most AAA games. And 30-40 hours of high quality content for only $15 is an absolute steal too.

  4. In case you hear about this game for the first time, it's important that you know that it's literally impossible to regret buying this game. This is pretty much as close as a game can get to being a 10/10 experience, nevermind IGN's score, they are pretty random in terms of grading. The fact that it's only 15 € (and 9.9€ right now because of a discount) and the developers have released 2 free content updates so far and soon they'll release another one makes it so that it's worth buying the game even if you'll never play it, because it's for a good cause. Don't get me wrong however, Hollow Knight is quite the masterpiece anyway.

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