Here’s Why The Surface Book 2 Is Worth $3000

Unboxing the top 13.5-inch Microsoft Surface Book 2 NordVPN – USE OFFER CODE – Unboxtherapy The Microsoft Surface …


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  1. Can’t you get a better spec laptop or PC for less than 1-2k. The surface pro is overpriced as fuck. This’ll only probably be good for someone who’s designing or drawing for a living which I can respect. But for a regular person like me and you, you can get better spec laptop for less

  2. So the iPhone X isn’t worth the price because it’s not the best deal, so why is this worth the price even though it’s not the best deal either?

  3. If you were going for a Doug demuro style you should have started with THIS is a Microsoft surface book, and it is worth 3000 dollars. I got this surface book from turo

  4. Woah that price sigh !!!!! I like looks awesome i wish i had one wonder is its good for doing pc aided drawing plus being Microsoft would means some pretty decent support and warranty,would be nice to veer away from wacom with its price tag on this side of the world , and those tabs don't offer this much, Nice review!Love the spectrum of what you review,how candid and straight to the point of what we would like to see before we even ask!

  5. just after reviewing the new razer blade which is WAY over the specs of this laptop i was expecting something different. kinda diappointing for the price point

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