Top 10 Off-Road Electric Cars and Buggies for Major Outdoor Challenges

Just because Tesla has not yet released an off-road capable electric truck, it does not mean that all-terrain EVs are non-existent.
On the contrary, this vacuum on the market nudges other manufacturers to step in and take on the off-roading challenges of today.

Here we wanted to show you a list of the most impressive electric cars and buggies that do not pass on the chance to get dirty and are ready to tackle any terrains.

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Torq EVL:

Torq Suppressor VLE is a two-seat four-wheel electric off-road vehicle that is quiet, almost maintenance free, and eco-friendly.

B1 – Bollinger Motors:

Is it a military truck or an SUV. The Bollinger B1 is effectively both, but underneath the hood it is a real Tesla off roader.

Nissan LEAF AT-EV:

This off-road hatchback is based on the original Nissan Leaf 1.0, and it has a proven record of conquering remote places and never visited roads by an EV.

Acciona EV:

The Spanish energy company Acciona has built this promotional car to popularize sustainable electric cars in the world.

Polaris Ranger:

Polaris Ranger is the first ever UTV to be powered by lithium ion batteries. It can satisfy any off-road junkie.

Kreisel Hummer:

While the true electric Hummer is far from being brought to the market, Kreisel electric successfully converted this model and it is a beast.

Kreisel Gwagen:

The first electric Geländewagen belonged to Arnold Swarzenegger and it was built by the Austrian company Kreisel Electric.

Jeep Wrangler Electric:

This ATV Jeep Wrangler was developed by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Nikola NZT:

Previously known as Nikola Zero the new NZT is finally being produced, and is aiming for the title of the best side-by-side UTV in the world.

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo:

Crossover utility vehicles are the future of automating and the electric Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo shall become the leader of the pack.

XING Mobility’s Miss R:

The Taiwan-based startup Xing Mobility was founded in 2015 as a developer of electric powertrain systems. Among the recent projects we should point out the first in the world rally inspired supercar Miss R, that is both track and off-road capable.


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