Virtual Reality game Dactyl Nightmare – real in-game footage

From 1992 TV episode of Games Master” comes this thrilling in-game footage of 2 players battling each other at Dactyl Nightmare. Not the original promo video, …


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  1. Always wanted to play this but the price was always to high for just a few minutes of play. A tribute is available for the Rift as "Polygon Nightmare" apparently.

  2. i remember spending 3 months allowance in a weekend on this game at the local mall arcade. It was totally worth it back then.

  3. I remember playing this at my state fair against a friend.  $12 per play, and I beat him 2-0.  The game was actually fun and immersive for the time.  Can't complain about how far VR has come, and the simple fact that it will be in our living rooms 24 years later is quite astonishing.

  4. I also feel lucky to have tried this back in the 90's. As laggy as it was, it was impressive enough at the time to leave a lasting memory to this day. Can't wait for my Vive to arrive!

  5. Ha! I used to work with Rich a few years ago (He was a stage tech manager for the Millennium Centre Opera House in Wales, I was the Hospitality Manager… ), would love to ask what his memories about this were 🙂 He never bloody mentioned he was on Gamesmaster… 😉

  6. It vanished because the concept of VR was ahead of it's time.. The tech just wasn't up to the task.. This "Dactyl Nightmare" was interesting, but I'm sure it was extremely expensive. And look at what affordable consumer VR looked like.. Red and black Virtual Boy!! LOL!

    Now though, some 20 years later, it's time has FINALLY come! With graphics starting to reach for HD photo realism, and the Oculus Rift on the horizon.. It is a very exciting time for VR!

  7. I played this a few times as a kid at Crystal Palace… Fucking awesome game, loved it, that and Red Baron…

    Donno why VR vanished the way it did.

  8. When I saw this in that movie First Kid I thought it was the coolest looking game ever. Still think it looks pretty awesome, I only wish I could have played it.

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