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  1. I'l be honest, I hate Call of Duty. All of the Call of Duty games. If they were just campaign only, that would be fine. Unfortunately, online play with COD just exposes you to a world of hate. This game is so much fun. FUN. Not the type of game that makes you swear and freak out.

  2. The graphics are great the story is touching, the problem with a lot of comments i read is that the game is frustrating. Its not a mediocre game far from it , but you will get stuck you will have to redo a lot of levels and the last level will either make you quit the game or have patience and continue, for now i decided to stop playing. Good thing it was only 20$ on the PS4

  3. Love this game. I couldn't even watch the rest of the video to not spoil anything. Great puzzles, great presentation, and it also reminds me of little big Planet.

  4. I played the free early access trial which had the first 2 levels with ea access and recently unravel was added to the vault so I decided I would play more because I enjoyed the trial. This game is amazing. Yarny shows real depth with his emotion and the visuals are beautiful. The puzzles and platforming aren't impossible but get harder over time. The only issue I have with this is that most of the small puzzles are extremely repetitive. They usually need you to move an object to help you climb higher or attach yarn to 2 knots to create a trampoline to let Yarny jump over an obstacle. The harder puzzles that require oh to think are much better but there aren't enough and instead they are replaced with the same puzzles I just mentioned. Also some puzzles require you to fail to understand the puzzle and others must be done in one attempt such as jumping from a falling ice tower to the next falling ice tower and then to the next. I would say this deserves a 8/10 just because of repetitive

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