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  1. Put simply, Destiny is quite polarizing and you either just really like it, or really don't.

    Personally, I really like it but can definitely agree on it's flaws (Story lack, Too much DLC).

    Some people might be polarized just by how the game is grindy but most who have actually tried the game, instead of jumping on a bandwagon find the combat addictive and well done, because it is, even when it's grindy.

  2. All Destiny 1 reviews were way too low. Keep in mind reviewers plowed through the campaign in just 24 hours and slapped a score on it! A lot never even tried co-op, never took part in events or did the vault of glass etc.

    It's a game that got better over time, and more challenging. And I'm not even talking about expansions or major updates. The core destiny experience was all there…

    it got many lukewarm reviews, but within a few months it was nominated for 2 VGAs, had a huge fanbase and was runner-up in game of the year awards. So keep that in mind.

  3. I love destiny and don't feel as negatively about it as this review or the comments. But I still watch this review over and over because it is so masterfully produced. My God. The editing, the structure, wording, voicing, music accompaniment. Soooo good. This review gets a 10/10.

  4. Destiny in year 3 with all the DLCs is probably a 9+/10 Bungie have really improved on many if not all of the vanilla Destiny's downfalls and imo Destiny in year 3 is the Destiny we should've got from the start. The Crucible is the best part of Destiny hands down and 75% of my enjoyment and playtime have come from there. The raids are amazing and one of the only reasons why I still play PvE, the new strikes are actually really fun to play with far fewer bullet-sponges and more strategy involved. I think the worst part of Destiny is the nearly non-existent story in vanilla which has slowly been improved to its current, pretty decent state, but nevertheless, I would still say that the story missions are the worst part of Destiny and also, unfortunately, the parts that most people hate the game for the most. Overall destiny has a very solid foundation in terms of gameplay mechanics and I believe that the Destiny we have in Year 3 is an amazing game that greatly improves on the vanilla release. Hopefully, the lacklustre story and any other issues can be completely fixed in Destiny 2 🙂

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