A look back at the top-sellers, most played, and new VR releases for 2018 so far. The games, experiences and software I will be reviewing in this video are all …


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  1. You're incorrect about Skyrim VR being graphically taxing to run. Skyrim runs about 4x faster than Fallout VR.

    I have 980ti, 150+ mods and im still hitting 90 fps in Skyrim. Fallout 4 VR on the other hand is a blurry mess with nauseating reprojection right out of the box. It's a lazy buggy port.

    I and 6 other friend on Steam own both games and none of us have more than 10 hours in Fallout VR. Where as we all have 60+ hours in Skyrim.

    It's a small sample size but it says a lot considering that on PC Fallout 4 VR is like 6 months older than Skyrim VR.

  2. Dude i remember when you ordered your Vive and Rift you were so excited saying they are going to change your life. Look at you now!!!!!!

  3. I remember at one time I play Team Fortress 2 in VR with mouse and keyboard and it was actually pretty awesome but then they removed it which I never really understood,

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