Shining Resonance: Refrain – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

Is Shining Resonance: Refrain a brilliant example of an RPG on the Nintendo Switch? Or should Sega refrain from releasing games in this series from now on?


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  1. Does this have Dual Audio? Like can I switch it to Japanese Dub with subtitles? I couldn't even stand Persona 5's English Dub and it was ok, I doubt I can stand this.

  2. I'm liking it so far
    Atm I'm not noticing any kind of difficulty… then again I do try to dodge and run around as much as possible.
    but who knows, maybe a tad later ingame enemies make it harder to do so?

  3. anyone having problem wif the japanese dub option in the switch?
    it seem i dont see the voice option in the menu and also i dled the japanese voice dlc but cant access it

  4. You could say this game is Breath of Fire (because of transforming into a Dragon), mixed with an Action RPG combat system, Dating Sim and more 🙂

  5. Its a mediocre waifu simulator, more focused on character interactions. I liked the game, but do not expect Tales of Berseria level of scale.

  6. I cant decide on if I want to get this for the PS4 or the Switch. We have both versions available still at work and I will likely be spending most of my upcoming Switch time on Octopath. I've been seeing mixed reviews on how this runs on the handheld version for the Switch but I'm seeing a lot of 30 fps reports with some dips while the ps4 version is 60 with some frame dips. It's really coming down to the convenience of the switch or the higher performance of of PS4. Aaahhh I cant decide on what to get!

  7. I was excited to hear we were getting a Shining game, but this is not what I expected, sadly. I'll just stick to Tales to scratch my JARPG itch.

  8. I played the Demo, I liked how you could move around freely around the castle unlike some other rpgs…though Yuma is kinda a trash character…I litterly had to skip his scenes because it was way too predictable. Not a fan of the dialogue but I really like the gameplay.

  9. Gunna skip this game not what I expected I thought it was gunna big a jrpg like xenoblade chronicles 2 but this game looks very empty an mediocre the character designs are cool but I think that’s it.

  10. The last Shining game I play was maybe 15 years ago, Shining Tears for the Playstation. I loved that game.

    Currently playing it and the battle system is unpolished of the style of the old tales of series, but imo more responsive than the newer Star Ocean game. Solid pick up for me, but the price may understandably turn consumers away.

    Blonde Elf Girl Waifu <3

  11. The idea of running around in the same environments on repeat for around 30 hours reminds me of traumatic memories from Star Ocean 5

  12. The combat is honestly one of the game's weakest points. It's so janky and lopsided. I was extremely disappointed by the demo and the original Japanese game. I figured the remaster may have fixed the fighting mechanics but after the demo I'm convinced it's just as lame.

  13. i'm so happy sega finally made something else,cause i'll be honest i think they need to give sonic a break and give us more rpgs like the shining series and games like ristar,burning rangers,NiGHTS,Etc.

  14. I'm planning on getting this game once I have the money, but for the most part since I'm into Sega games I want to give it a shot. Especially since I should get interested into new things.

  15. How challenging is the actual gameplay/combat though? I was playing the demo and i literally beat everything by just mashing the attack button so im hoping its not like that in the full version

  16. The demo was just okay so it didn't convince me to buy this now with Octopath Traveler out this weekend. Maybe later though.

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