Does It Suck? – Cheap Wireless Headphones

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  1. I bought those headphones because of this video. 2 years a counting and they are like the first day. Daily use, all day away the office. Amazing review.

  2. When shopping for headphones the best way to test them is by playing Queen's – Bohemian Rhapsody it hits every note high low every thing it's the best way to know if they are worth it or if you bought suck.

  3. I have a pare is Bluetooth headphones but there was a store that had them but that place was shutting down so they needed to to sell everything before they go so I got for 15$ but they were 300 but they were on sale

  4. I have never ever ever been happy with headphones. I’ve had Bluetooth that have stopped working,stopped charging. Earbuds that get tangled,lose sound in one side etc

    Always searching

  5. lol can't help but laugh a little at that message: i use expensive sony bluetooth headphones, but i found these cheap-ass $40 headphones that might fit in to YOUR lifestyle 🙂 (i know he didn't mean it like that, still funny)

  6. Look at jlab headphones or speakers, i got jlab neon bluetooth headphones for $40 lots of bass and sound amazing

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