[VRChat] Never Risk A Loli (Virtual Reality Funny & Best Moments highlights)

Don’t risk a loli go for a sexy man instead 😉 Social Links ▽ ♥ Discord – https://discord.gg/JJk9Um4 ♥ Twitter – https://twitter.com/TruNoom ♥ Steam …


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  1. "A sexy man"

    Who is tha—-wait—-oooooo! Yeaaahhhhhhhh go for TruNoom.
    He—uh—he's worth it. He's like the last candy in a bag and or box you gotta have it, savor it even but NEVER give it away. EAT THAT CANDY TRUNOOM! <3

  2. Me: Crunch… crunch…munch.

    Person: what the hell r u eating , chips.

    Me: “SMACKS LIPS” ……. it’s pussy my ni?️?️a

  3. I love my nigga ARCADES he a legend im like him lig dude i make my friend laught do hard that it sounds like my homie cjoking on a dick no joke dude i love my brudah we will allways keep da brudahs alive we da last of them mah brudah.

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