IGN Reviews – Deadliest Warrior: Legends Video Review

IGN gives its video review on the new Deadliest Warrior: Legends Video game. Hack and slash your way through history in this downloadable game. IGN’s …


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  1. poor mechanic but still got 7? you basically rate it the same as KOF XIII which the one of the best fighting games on ps3
    its ridiculous. mechanic is the most important in fighting games than its presentation and extra features like the 'risk' board game, doesnt cut it to make this a 7. it should be at most 5

  2. I hate this game for one reason,and one reason only. The soldier doesn't have a knife fatality like the one the Navy SEAL did on the show!

  3. when I downloaded the first game, before I did it I went to related games and it didn't even show the sequel, I did not even know it existed so I downloaded the first with dlc content witch I see now was a big waste of credits and when I went to DW legends and went to the related searches it has DW. SO FUCK YOU XBOX GAME MARKETPLACE FUCK YOU!!

  4. I guess the Joan of Arc DLC comes with some host named Mac. I'm not interested in having that guy in my game since I heard this though: On July 16th 2012 he asserted that "if niggers can't be bothered to get a photo ID they shouldn't be allowed to vote" in regards to Texas's "Voter ID" poll tax law." Yeah, I'm still gonna get the Joan of Arc character, but I'm just gonna use this douchebag as a meat target.

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