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  1. I thought this game was fucking spectacular. To me, Trauma is proof that a great atmosphere from suitable visuals and soundtrack a can do incredible things for a game. That surreal, chilling atmosphere from the photographic dream sequences and the chillingly detached music created such an incredible experience for me. The gameplay was as it needed to be – simple enough not to detract from the experience.

    Hats off.

  2. I've had this game on Steam from the Humble Bundle for a long while now, I thought it was just some boring point and click game like a Myst or something. Yet seems unique enough for me to check out.

  3. I just got this game from The Humble Bundle and this review is dead on. I had high hopes for this game, but it is kind of lackluster. That said, It's still worth a try. Make sure you find all the pictures or you'll miss a lot of the story.

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