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  1. Game is pretty cool. Caught it for a few $ on a gold sale. I pretty much use it as a "Off game" when,I'm finished with my main ones. I kill time with this just blitzing along. Not a 7 bUt more a flat 8.

  2. I like games with a good story so I don’t think this game is for me. It looks beautiful though, but unfortunately the Xbox version barely runs at 30fps and I’m spoiled. I need 60fps always. Even Uncharted gave me issues -_-

  3. I actually agree with this review.
    Had potential but that's about it.

    The Tank bot is a nice touch but what's the point when i need to reach areas requiring 2 other bots…
    That tank should've been at my disposal at all times.

    Not saying i don't want a Recore 2 tho…

  4. Reviews are all subjective anyway…I rate this one just behind Sunset Overdrive which for me was a 9 in all areas. ReCore 8.5 since you can't choose your difficulty setting.

  5. A 7 isn't fair to this game since on Xbox One S the load times are non existent and everything performs very brilliant. 8.6 sounds about right, unless you don't like collecting.

  6. lol at all the people included with this reviewer, crying about backtracking xD it's supposed to be open world-ish, and I think if you could carry all your bots with you the game would be tooooo easy. "but muh frames! :("…. really? minecraft is a thing and you wanna bring up frames?

  7. This game is so much better than what I keep hearing. For its price and quality I do hope this becomes big down the road. Definitely has potential.

  8. OH YEAH this thing…i remember seeing it in E3, interest me, then disappear out of my radar immediately. i was more excited when i saw it in E3 tho.

  9. im looking for an open world action platformer on the xbox1….. something like jak and daxter on ps2. is this similar?

  10. Allow me to better explain this game's issues: poorer graphics than initially advertised, glitches, unfair enemy placement, mediocre story and voice acting, unchanging areas (meaning that there's little visual interest), excessively long loading times.

  11. honestly. been playing for 10 hours and I'm loving it. yes you need to back track and collect cores but the combat is so fun and the platforming so smooth that I don't mind at all. I personally give this game an 8.5

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