FALLING Off A BUILDING In VIRTUAL REALITY! Facing My Darkest Fear..AGAIN! Richie’s Plank Experience

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  1. Well done for manning up Ben and stepping off the plank, that fall looked proper scary! That was amazing how the game changed from a rectum melter to a superhero belter in 5 seconds flat!! If that was anything to go by it looks like superhero academy is going to be a must own in 2019!!!

  2. Look at all this shit! Look! Look at how fucking beautiful we are! We built all this! Hard men! Doing Hard shit! And that gives me a hard-on! But not in a gay way or anything… Of course- it goes without saying…

  3. Holy shit, last time I saw one of your videos you didn't have a beard and not so much mass… Haha, took me a minute to recognize you man.

  4. I know how bad your fear of heights is bruh….. Very brave for doing this.
    I remember last time your legs just went byebye and you dripped down like an absolute girl hahahhaha god that was so funny! Spooky ass sunday tonight ey?

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