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  1. Seriously, I enjoyed far cry 5 but the season pass was a complete waste of money outside far cry 3 classic edition. Which I believe they sell separately for like $20. Literally every piece of extra content offered in the season pass except the main game and the far cry 3 remaster was trash. Literally looked like levels they could have created in the far cry arcade feature.

  2. This dlc is at best an 8.4. It is amazing by yourself and even better with a friend. Also HURK isn the same voice if that crazy mechanic from borderlands that is Moxxxi’s son.

  3. Anyone who thought these expansions are anything short of mediocre when first announced are some seriously gullible people.

  4. People complaining about 5.5 : there is nothing in this DLC, ok new weapons, aliens … and then what? You just play like 2 or 3h and it's done with this DLC.

  5. My only problem with this dlc is the poor variety of enemies. 5.5 is too low. I would give it a 7.5 or even 8. I enjoyed it a lot. This guy probably doesn't even how to throw a grenade lol.

    Btw i got 100%.

  6. Ah I dunno I kinda like this new thing, glad they didn’t just add stuff to the normal world and call it an expansion, here’s hoping the zombie one will be the best yet though ?

  7. You know what’s sadder than the fact HOD scored higher

    The fact people are still making the water joke and think their heads “XD I say epic me-me”

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