Top 10 Touring Motorcycles for Comfortable Life on the Open Road

Technically, any road legal motorcycle could be taken on the open highway to cross continents and live on the road. However, it goes without saying that touring bikes are the most perfectly equipped machines for such tasks. Besides being merciful to your body while riding long distances, a touring bike is capable of carrying quite a lot of stuff, no surprise why the alternative names of these motorcycles are baggers.
In this episode we will be showing the best full dresser models on today’s market and ranking them according to performance parameters, price, reliability and of course our personal unjustified tastes. If you agree with our selected models, then this video will serve as a great buying guide for those who are shopping for a tourer in 2018 or planning to buy one next year.


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  1. Those, who think that all cars provide a better level of comfort than a motorcycle, are definitely not familiar with the touring motorcycle style. These bikes offer the near-luxury riding experience to make long trips possible. Would you ever spend this type of money on a bike, if so, which one is your favorite?

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