King of crypto Barry Silbert says bitcoin has bottomed

Bitcoin gets its mojo back. Barry Silbert, Digital Currency Group, on bitcoin’s recovery. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.


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  1. I was writing a paper on Bitcoin vs. The banking system and my professor hit me with this question, I have no clue how to answer it, any ideas?:
    One counter-argument that I saw that you didn't address is credit. It strikes me that you could not have a credit or loan system with bitcoin because it requires the person to have the bitcoin available. (To solve this problem, it strikes me, would be to tie yourself up into your original criticism of banking altogether, and, yet, you need some way of issuing credit since most economies rely heavily on credit.) Could someone please explain to me Bitcoin vs Credit?
    So if Bitcoin were to become a national currency or even overthrow the banking system, where would credit come into play "since most economies rely heavily on credit"

  2. check my steemit post from over a week ago.. i called the $7200+ correction/reversal at first sight of inverted head & shoulders yet I'm not strutting around bragging that i'm the "king of btc" cnbc smh

  3. Lol even a donkey could say this. These guys give people old news and want us to think they know it all. The few last bullish candles are really weak we need more to say that btc has definitely bottomed.We should be careful about the crap they try to make us eat. Seriously I wish to see what he will say if btc goes back to retest the lows. Lack of credibility from these people. We do not need to be a genius to know btc will pick up the up trend and move way higher. Being bearish on btc is just foolish.

  4. Meh – because these people are running in with calls of bottoms and bullish price targets are probably why we haven’t seen the bottom. He’s been in since 2012 and probably no one has still done a transaction using it

  5. 99% are going to 0? One thing about this crypto space that I've learned over the past year is that even if someone is right there always wrong

  6. Everything this guy has got will pump. He and his friend will try and make sure those coins they invested in will not fail

  7. I think Bitcoin will stay No 1, might be over taken by Ether, I am big fan of ripple, but at the same time, I think most of the top 30 coins will do well and has various features and different projects, I think its good to invest a little money in all.

  8. Zencash is a privacy coin carrying a lot of risk to be investing big funds. Doesn’t make sense unless your an irresponsible trader

  9. His 5 „best“ choice and the rest is going to zero. What an idiot!!! There are definitely greater projects or there

  10. Shillbert made good $ pumping the pointless Ethereum Classic. "Store of value" with no other strong use case = pyramid scheme

  11. What caused the bottom???? Whales manipulating the market. Here's the thing, cause fud, feed off the bottom, then cause fomo and then fud again and repeat. They are milking retail traders to the max.

  12. everyone is choosing to avoid discussing how BTC really exploded in prices ….a repetitive cycle of wash, rinse & repeat: hardforks (1 for 1 deal) + play money printing / pump (tether)

  13. As much as I wish it was the bottom, this is not how markets work, we will be tested by the bears and Wall Street shorters, look when buffet and munger and gates started fud at 10k and down she went to 5.7k, look we have strong support but another triggering event could wick us down further we’re cheap buyers are waiting

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