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  1. Finally picked this up after avoiding it cause of all the negativity and I actually really like it. No where near as bad as I was expecting! Goes to show it’s better to make up your own mind than to form it based on other people

  2. I know this review is late but bought this game new for 9 dollars and free shipping only due to the fact of John snow being in this and tbh if you just forget the campaign is call of duty it’s super fun. Now I will say I usually enjoy call of duty campaigns I do far have enjoyed this one the best

  3. I hate Pick 10 Loadouts. Espicially how it takes 2 slots when you add a 2nd tactical or a 2nd perk from the same category into your Class.

  4. No reason of why people should hate this game, specially if we stopped comparing it to so much other things and just enjoy the game for what it is. Pretty fun game.

  5. I know this game gets a lot of hate but when people would actually play the game till the end instead of hating while they obviously haven't even played it, they would realise the campaign is really decent. Put a side the Cod expectations, put away the feeling of an oldschool army Cod vibe and you'll experience a super good looking and very entertaining space shooter. And that's coming from an old school cod fan that hates this futuristic stuff in cod games.

    I really hate all the space and futuristic warfare bullshit but because it came with the remaster of Cod4mw1 on 1 disc i decided i might as well give it a go after owning it for over a year. It's actually really good! Especially the later levels with 100's of robots and cool looking environments I enjoyed a lot. Stunning graphics. It lowered in price so for $15/$20 It's an absolute bargain. Just for the campaign already I would recommend it to people that love shooters.

    It's certainly not perfect and there are optional missions which are spaceship shooter missions like ace combat that can be tedious or annoying…but once you get used to it they're pretty fun 2. And people are not obliged to play them.

    As a seasoned shooter player I can honestly say this game should get some credit because it isn't half as bad as all the haters pretend it is.

    Review in 1 sentence:
    A very good looking, casual, fun and sometimes even challenging shooter that takes place in space.

  6. You are being way to kind to this train wreck of a game. When I put this Halo wannabe game into my console, all I could do was grumble in discontent. Anyone who has played the past COD games knows that this is not Call of Duty by any means. What a terrible game. Half of COD Infinite Warefare is saturated with movies that are designed to set up it's tired and overused plot. And of course you can skip the movies, only to be caught up in even more frustrating segments where you are forced to sit through endless dialogue and silly tasks that require you to just walk around, push buttons, and look over senseless information. I would say that a good quarter of this game is dialogue and silly, actionless tasks who's only purpose seems to be is making up for the fact that actual gameplay is so short.
    The gameplay is good at times but a majority of the time you get the overwhelming sensation that you are playing Halo, Elite Dangerous, or Star Citizen. The last thing on your mind is that you are playing anything remotely like COD, which is why you purchased this game to begin with. Bottom line, this game isn't for anyone who wants to play COD. If you like limited control, lots of annoyances, a weak story line, and Halo……this game is for you. As for me……I couldn't get it to the trash can fast enough.

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