Clean Energy on the Blockchain! – CryptoCurrency Energy Project – Zero Carbon Project Crypto Review

Clean energy on the blockchain with this CryptoCurrency energy project. Zero Carbon Project ICO Review!
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  1. as long as there's no solution for clean energy ressources for mining, every other idea tagged "clean" seems to be hypocritical in my view.

  2. As I read thru all the negative comments I began to wonder if this project will be a game changer. I base on the fact so many people seem misinformed, uninterested, and or completely in different to a real global problem. I plan to get involved at some level. First to help with a possible solution but mostly because most people did not like the idea. As we all know most people are clossed minded and therefore wrong.

  3. Most people don't really care because most people are poor. When you are poor, it is too expensive for them to even be bothered by using clean energy, just like eating healthy organic food. The poor just can't afford them, and they are too busy working to earn some money just to get by.

    LTC: LLMwa2GxeHQofxasgGcEsgWASSN9yJZTmY

  4. Thanks alot for keeping update in Crypto-Market brother , Yes u are the hero of this Platform….stay blessed….LOVE FROM PAKISTAN


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