Wreckfest Review

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  1. They forgot to tell you, this game was made by the awesome dudes who made Flatout 1/2 & Ultimate Carnage. Ps4/Xb1 version coming out later this year!

  2. ‘All old muscle cars’…there’s a Toyota Supra and small European cars plus the Honda CRX! Certainly not a muscle car.

    One massive let down with this game is that they do t let you have a custom liveries 🙁

  3. I would love to jus ram into my competition just for the hell of it lol fuck racing I wanna be the crazy mother fucker driving around doing all kinds of reckless damage lol ???? yo I got to get this game ASAP

  4. Love wreckfest. Play it with my girlfriend for those quality nights in of smashing other cars to bits. We've also managed to get two friends to pre-order it for ps4 ?. Gotta love those figure 8 tracks and the carnage that ensues.

  5. So everyone is saying this game was made by the same who made Flatout 2 and that’s fucking amazing cause a loved that one, but does this has explosions and big ramps? And also the mini game that you have to eject the driver and send him flying to the air???

  6. This is the only racing game where I've gone to the settings and turned the music volume UP. Very refreshing in a world full of forza horizon soundtracks.

  7. What did you expect the music to be Justin Bieber. Lmfao. Society is so brainwashed with the view on music tastes it's a shame. God I love heavy metal! Rock on mah dudes

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