What better way to try The Forest VR survival game then to check out our old base locations that we’ve built over the years! Let’s take a tour of some of our old …


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  1. omg! You were geeking out so bad. I can't recall you ever getting that excited playing the Forest. It was fun watching you with your mouth wide open and your chin on the floor. The Castle and Tavern town looked really awesome. May I humbly suggest a Short Vr Series. Possibly in an existing save, so you can experiment with Building and not have to worry about doing an elobate base.

  2. My vote is in the affirmative, Kro. I believe you could sort of re-explore the game in your signature conversational style… I think you would have a blast!

  3. VR Forest would be amazing. Was watching and was sad when I realized it was a brief one haha. Would make a great season to watch.

  4. That was pretty cool! Honestly dont worry about facing the camera too much. You almost need to move. I say if you will have fun doing it, do a VR Forest series. But, mix it up with whatever else you are playing so you dont burn out on it.

  5. Hey kro great to see you again. Best episode of the forest yet although I don't need to see for Wisconsin all the time really wish I could watch your videos on Twitch but for some reason I'm not able to get on Twitch whether it be a viewing or streaming content to it

  6. Was watching your Fortnite stream a day or so ago, and it just hit me that i miss the cosy Krojak – the forest videos/streams. In short, it's a damn good time for a VR season..Cheers from Sweden bud! p.s it has not, nor will there ever be, a gun in the forest.

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