Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion Nintendo Switch Review (IGN GAVE IT 5.8!? BAH!)

I’m sorry but IGN giving this 5.8 without actually going into any details about the the games systems is not ok. Adventure Time on Switch is an action adventure …


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  1. Enjoyed watching your review! The day one patch is definitely worth getting and should improve a lot of issues. Glad you enjoyed the game and had fun with it.

  2. Your scores only make sense if you take out 10 points from both sides making it a 10/10 system. Otherwise you're way too generous even with shit games like this.

    Your Score: Story: 14, Gameplay: 14, Sound 15, Value 12 Total: 69%

    Actual score (Taking out 50 points given basically for free because you're too much of a nice guy)

    Story: 4, Gameplay: 4, Sound 5, Value 2 Total: 38%

  3. Hi only just found your channel while looking for mugsters review and saw how many games you review and now i'm subscribed because other channels don't review these titles. well done.

  4. Your reviews are certainly on the Mark LOL…your points system is brilliant and very accurate…there are a lot of reviewers out there who just give scores and recommends without giving games a proper play through…your channel is my favourite as well as Switch watch…those guys are also cool??

  5. While I don't watch Adventure Time, I think this game looks fun and overall nice. The developers had good ideas. But the performance issues, crashes, bugs and all that stuff make it worse. And overall the whole game doesn't look like it should be priced that high.

    You make definitely way better reviews than IGN ?. See ya in the next vid!

  6. The difference between you guys and IGN is because you guys take time and appreciate the game and you care about your fans in your content IGN treats their content like a business nothing more nothing less it's how they get money they care about your subscribers cuz they make the money not about their personal enjoyment and about the game you guys do your job and do it well and do more than you have to do that's the difference

  7. I bought this day one with Touhou (hope you guys review that one too) because I didn't even know this was coming out physical. I knew this was going to be a game I would really enjoy so that's why I got it. As for your review, you actually go in depth where as IGN basically said "I didn't care for it, I'm listing very little reasons why and that's your review". I hope they can address the bugs you mentioned soon because those look very annoying and the result of a rushed game rather than that being the absolute best they could do.

  8. The game is like an extended episode of Adventure Time, which is really cool if your a fan of the show like I am. Cartoon Network hardly shows Adventure Time any more so it looks like a good buy if you are a fan of Adventure Time. Although the game has flaws and a mediocre IGN review, you guys gave a thorough review, showing both the good and bad of the game. Also, since you guys you reviewed this Cartoon Network game, you should review Cartoon Network Battle Crashers.

  9. i think with this title , you played it so i dont have too. im not prepared to drop 35 quid on a title with so little optimisation. if the port devs cant be bothered neither can i. so maybe a purchase once its been discounted.
    cracking review, i love the breakdown you guys give it. a very fair review system where no game can run or hide.
    and as for ign .. im not gonna say anything except im glad your not ign reviewers…thats why im watching your reviews!

  10. looks super fun. IGN is horsesh%@t. i will definitely be checking this game out. if the writing is anything like the show it should be silly and witty and funny. the interrogations look hilarious. i can't wait. thanks again, boys!

  11. So, you gave it a 6.9 basically. I would say IGN giving it such a low score is a valid one. From some of your reviews, you tend to be a little too nice and a little too positive, which is to be expected but a little bias tends to add a point here and there and with some of the issues this game has, they should have been punished more. Its imo £10 too expensive. I think it would have been better at the £19.99 – £24.99 range.

  12. Awesome show turned into a game that's an rpg ???, Great review man in depth and very detailed with the bads and goods. FYI IGN can't review for ?. Was hoping you would review this game and I got my wish ?

  13. Never seen the show in my life but I almost pre ordered this game because i loved the graphical style and was imagining it would be like Wind Waker. when I saw IGNs score I figured I had dodged a bullet. I’m glad you guys posted this I might eventually have to pick this up.

  14. Although I wasn’t that into the show, I’ve been eyeing this game for a little over a month now. It kinda looks 2.5d not really 3D. Honestly looks like such a great game, IGN always gives games low scores unfortunately.

    Like did you see that IGN rated Sonic Mania Plus a lower score than Sonic Mania LOL

  15. I hope you guys are having a lovely week, bugs aside, I thought this was quite interesting! What's the funniest in game moment you have ever had? (Mark)

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